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Kids Crew

Th Epilepsy Foundation Kids Crew is growing. We created the Kids Crew to help kids raise epilepsy awareness, educate others, share their stories about epilepsy, and join in events. The program is free and is for ages 14 and under.

At the Kids Crew, we want kids to use their imagination and think creatively. We also recognize there are some who need a little help. We think every child has unique, special gifts that can be harnessed to improve people’s lives. We want kids to come up with ideas that impact their communities. Doing so promotes teamwork, helps kids learn more about epilepsy, and gives them confidence.

Our belief is that kids can use their talents to give back to others and to make a real difference. For more information and to join, click here.


More than Epilepsy

What kids learn in the Kids Crew will help them in many areas of their lives. At the Crew, we respect others, never judge one another, and believe every kid is important. We also promote self-confidence and let kids know that they have the power to follow their dreams. As Hailey from the Kids Crew says, “Kids can change the world. So let’s do it now!”

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