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Seizure Helmet

In the past year, the Epilepsy Foundation Oklahoma in partnership with Century and Isaiah Stone Foundation has helped provide over 275 helmets to children, schools and adults.


Learning to lessen risks is a critical part of living safely with seizures. People with seizures who frequently fall should consider wearing headgear. While no headgear can completely eliminate the risk of serious injuries from falls, wearing the proper headgear can reduce the risk. To determine the best headgear for your individual situation it is essential that your doctor or a healthcare professional be consulted. For further help in selecting the correct headgear, please visit and consult your doctor.

Century Martial Arts has partnered with the Epilepsy Foundation to help provide appropriate headgear at discounted rates. Please visit for more information.


If you’re in need of a seizure helmet, we may be able to help. Please contact our office @ (405) 463-0673 for more information.


Thank you to Isaiah Stone Foundation for being a proud sponsor of the shipping for children’s seizure helmets.